Electric Utilities &
Power Plant Design

North Consult Engineering provides specialised engineering design in hydro & thermal power generation as well as solar renewable energy solutions.

The national & global power generation has seen an increase in demand as rapid development continues throughout the world. This has called for highly efficient power generation plants with minimized carbon footprint and harnessing of renewable power sources. We offer a myriad of services for power plant engineering & design including comprehensive thermodynamic modelling of boiler and turbine processes.

Our Services Include:

  • Development of technical specification and tendering
  • Electrical & automation design
  • Plant process design
  • Plant mechanical design
  • Plant conceptual design
  • Detailed plant construction design
  • Plant building documentation
  • Operational support
  • Power System Study
  • Grid Impact Study
  • Earthing and lightning protection analysis

Specialised Software Capabilities :

  • Siemens PTI PSSE – Analysis & planning of optimum power flow, transmission and voltage stability.
  • Electrical Transient Analyzer Program (ETAP) – Design electrical network modelling for power system generation, transmission & distribution.
  • AutoCAD – Power plant design & drafting
  • HelioScope – Computer Aided Design for solar power plant design & modelling

Business Area


We specialise in design, manufacturing and engineering for hydropower systems. Hydropower is harnessed from the potential energy of dammed water driving a turbine and generator.


Using the latest innovation in technology, we design thermal power plant solutions that increase power generation efficiency with reduced environmental impact.


A very clean, highly available power source in Malaysia. We specialise in large scale solar photovoltaic plants that harnesses solar radiation into electricity.

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