Engineering Analysis &

North Consult Engineering performs comprehensive engineering studies applying Total Quality Assurance to ensure optimal system performance in all operating conditions.

In today’s competitive business environment, reliable power generation is vital to secure business success. As technologies continue to advance, classic analysis methodologies are no longer sufficiently accurate to benchmark the performance, reliability & safety of all systems in multiple operating scenarios. We employ cutting-edge software to simulate complex scenarios over millions of parameters. We not only protect your investment but ensure the optimum performance of power systems in all operating conditions.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive system analysis and design comprising of power generation, transmission, distribution and load.
  • Power quality studies
  • Short circuit studies
  • Transient stability studies
  • Load flow studies

Specialised Software Capabilities :

  • Siemens PTI PSSÒE – Provides industry benchmark for complex power system simulations including transient stability, contingency analysis, power flow dynamics, voltage stability simulations and more.
  • Electrical Transient Analyzer Program (ETAP) – Conduct stability analysis and modelling of power system dynamics
  • Electromagnetic Transient Program (ETAP eMT™) – Provides simulations of AC power systems, high voltage DC transmission (HVDC), transmission systems, distribution systems and more.
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