Infrastructure & Transport

North Consult Engineering designs effective lighting implementations for all transport and infrastructure projects including roadway, railway, tunnels, and airports.

Lighting design plays a vital role in provisioning a safe environment for both motorized and non-motorized users. We are committed to designing good lighting solutions that can effectively prevent road accidents, street crimes and fear of crimes. Our technology & innovation-driven approach in lighting design utilizes adaptive lighting and ambient lighting to promote significant energy and carbon savings.

Our services include :

  • Preliminary Design Analysis of infrastructure & transport requirements
  • Detailed lighting design
  • Illumination calculation and simulations
  • Analysis of Lifecycle & Costs
  • Policy, strategy and regulation
  • Energy and asset management
  • Design & construction consultation

Specialised Software Capabilities :

  • AGI 32 Lighting Analysts – Powerful simulation tool that performs point-by-point calculations of direct and indirect lighting reflections on any real surface. 
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